Sunday, February 23, 2014

Authors Corresponding With Authors

by Bert Carson
What is this blog?  Corresponding Writers???  What does that mean?

Okay, hold on, Alfie, here's what it's all about.

Feb 12th, I was wandering around the worldwide web and chanced on the InCoWriMo web site.  I immediately took the pledge to write a letter a day for the month of February and to answer any InCoWriMo letter I received.  Since it was already the 12th of the month, I pledged to myself to write at least two letters per day until I "got caught up."  Then I went to the list of people who had already signed up, picked two names, dug out my fountain pens and began writing.

On February 28th I checked my records and found I'd written thirty letters.  And then I noticed that I had a major problem - I didn't want to stop writing letters.  I'd become an letter writing addict.  So I rationalized and told myself, Well, you didn't start until the 12th of February, write until March 12 and then stop.  So I did.

Now it's March 10th and my addiction is worse than ever.  I can't call it an InCoWriMo addiction anymore, and there are no letter writing support groups, so I decided to start an on-going International Correspondence Writing group and focus on writers. I call it Corresponding Writers.  There is only one rule and it's simple, after all, writers are simple people.

1.  If you are a writer and you agree to answer all hand written letters from other writers, add your name to the list above, raise your hand (either one) and say, aloud or silently, "I do."  Then pick a name from the list where you deposited yours and write that person a letter.

If you would like to write to me, my name is on the list, and I would love to hear from you.  Tell me what you're writing and let me know what you think about writing real letters to real writers.

Bert Carson

Corresponding Writer's Logo Photo Courtesy of Renee Pawlish