Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cards and Letters - Traveling Ambassadors

by Bert Carson
Today, I'm sending this vintage post card to Angela in Taiwan.  Postcrossing randomly selected her name and furnished a copy of her profile.  As I read it, I noted that she likes vintage post cards and she listed the camel as one of her favorite animals, so naturally I selected a card that fits both those preferences.

Angela also had the following note on her profile telling how she feels about the post cards she receives.

"You might live far from me.  What you see and what you have experienced are totally different from me.  A postcard carries the temperature, the scent, the sound, the culture, the history, and more about your country.  It travels across the continents and arrives in my mailbox.  The day I look at this postcard that you have sent to me, it will be as if I were in your home town.  What a magic moment."

What can I add to that?  Nothing.  So I won't.  Instead I'll rush to get Angela's Camel in the mail and on the way to her mailbox today.

If you'd like to know more about Postcrossing here's a link to a blog post that gives the particulars, complete with links to their site.

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